Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sappy Holidays

Jolly Santa Plank, he makes his tour
Posing here and there with friends galore
In pictures that he should have posted more
A back log since oh-seven fall

But Santa Plank won't dwell, but be positive
A "Merry Christmas" wish is what he gives
A full and happy new year be yours to live
Best wishes one and all

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Yets! Your Bottom Dollar

San Diego Comic Convention, July 2007

Young Plank learns from Mike Bocianowski that "YETS! is a story about a Chihuahua (named Spec) and an adventuring Gunea Pig (named Perry) who go out to meet Wild Dragons!..."


Gator Board

San Diego Comic Convention, July 2007

Artist James Burks, presents a wide selection of "Gabby Gator" merchandise.


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rop A Dope

San Diego Comic Convention, July 2007

The world is your playground when you're on vacation. Even a cart of queue ropes can bring out one's inner prop comic... unfortunately. On the other hand, may be this is the way to be the first in line to get Lou Ferrigno's autograph.

Against the Grain

San Diego Comic Convention, July 2007

Plank happens across some funny posters and comics, and stuff he can't quite figure out. Looks like the feeling is mutual.


Sappy to See You

San Diego Comic Convention, July 2007

Plank does his best Dean Trippe impersonation. It was like there were two of him.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yours, Pine and Ours

San Diego, CA, July 2007

Stephanie and Steven try to get Plank to take sides on the infamous "Where do you want to eat" debate at the end of a long Comic Con Saturday.

Room and Board

San Diego, CA, July 2007

Jean Paul and Plank survived another day at SDCC, and decompress and trade stories back at the hotel.


San Diego, CA, July 2007

Plank and Kevin getting a little rowdy. The anticipation of seeing Iron Man sneek peeks can do that.

Oakey Dokey

San Diego, CA, July 2007

Alan and friend pause before a fun-packed Saturday at Comic Con.

Leave a Message

San Diego, CA, July 2007

"You'll never guess who I met at Comic Con," reports Margeaux who ran into Plank in the lobby of the convention center.